Tuxedo Moist Chocolate Cake

I must say that it's a dead end when I were asked to decorate birthday cake for a man. Furthermore, this is a very last minute order for my hubby's boss. Nak decorate berbunga-bunga macam tak kena. At last, this is the simplest and "manly" design that I can think of :) and it's time to bed.

Birthday Cake

Made another butter cake covered with fondant for my niece's birthday.

Fondant Cake

Truly vanilla cake covered with purple fondant for engagement.

Apam Bunga

I call this Aam Bunga coz it blooms like a flower. Bring this apam to my SIL house as a "buah tangan" for her Kenduri Doa Selamat.

Fondant Cake

Make this Milky Mocha Marble Cake covered with Fondant for my sister's birthday which fall on 15 June 2008. Since I was on vacation, tak sempat nak buat untuk dia. Ni kira belated celebration lah. Still, tak dapat nak deco lebih2 coz buat cake ni pun dah tengah malam :). It seems like the fondant pun tak smooth. BTW, my eyes are already tired. Time to sleep..LOL.

Super Moist Chocolate Cake Truffle

Petite Four

Bring this Super Moist Chocolate Cake Truffle to the office today. Why I call it Super Moist coz it's a Moist Chocolate Cake blend with fudgy chocolate frosting and coat with chocolate ganache.

I'm selling this for RM3.00 for the petite 4 and RM0.80 per pcs. For bulk order, RM30 for 50 pcs. This cake can be couried/post as well.

Butter Cookies

After the long holiday, I'm back in action. This butter cookies has been ordered by Hana way before my holiday. She ordered 50 pcs of fancy butter cookies to be given to her daughter's classmate. By the way, I have 5 pcs extra for sale. The cookies can be collected at PUTRAJAYA, KAJANG or BANGI today. Interested, just call/sms me.

Muffin Aiskrim Strawberry dan Walnut

Hmm, since esok nak jalan jauh, so decided to bawa bekal muffin ni. Bolehlah buat makan tengah jalan.

Marble Mocha Cupcake

Order kali ni lain sikit. This Marble Mocha Cupcake ordered by Salinda for her parents who came for a visit to her house today. Cupcake ni tak nak apa-apa frosting coz untuk orang tua-tua katanya. She ordered 20 pcs of the same cuppies and this snapshot is part of it. Yang lain dalam oven lagi.

Orange Mocha Brownies

Dah lama teringin nak buat brownies ni n kebetulan buah oren pun masih ada lagi, so jadilah brownies ni. The recipe found at Rinchan Fotopages but can view at My New Kitchen as well.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Watched Sugar last weekend, inspired with the simple n delicious looking cookies, so decided to try n yummm, your kids will definitely love it. For the recipe, go to My New Kitchen.

Rezeki Tengah Malam

For more picture, plz visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/mummymodern/
Betul lah kata orang, kalau dah rezeki tu, tak kira masa dia datang. Why I say that, coz this Moist Chocolate Cake order came to me at about 9 pm. Waktu tengah duk melepek depan TV. Bukan melepak lagi tapi dah melepek. My Husband's frien's nak buat makan-makan n nak as soon as possible. Memandangkan barang pun tak replenish lagi, so I manage to make a 1/2 kg cake only n siap deco at 12 am. The decoration part tu actually dah kehabisan idea coz dah penat, so hentam je n pakai je apa yang tinggal.

Mango Cheese Cake

Another Mango Cheese ordered by my colleague's friend.

Moist Chocolate Cake

Inspired by Yatt Lil Kitchen strawberry design on chocolate cake. Try to do one for the office Sport's Club AGM. Not as nice as Yatt's one, need more practise.

Caramel Pudding

Made this caramel pudding ordered by the office 'Kelab Sukan' for the AGM.
Check out the recipe at My New Kitchen.

Mango Cheese Cake

I made this Mango Cheese Cake again as requested by my BIL who have tasted the cake 2days before when I went to his house to fetch my daughter. Saje je bagi sebab ada lebih, tup-tup nak order pulak.

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