Citrus Cheesecake with Pineapple/Orange Filling and Passion Fruit Topping

Salam semua,

Alhamdulillah, my mom dah selamat sampai di Kuala Lumpur pagi tadi waktu Malaysia. Start missing her already, but life has to go on..huhu....and the loneliness is killing me coz my husband is out of town for a week on the same day my mom went back to Malaysia.

Neway, nasib baik dah start cuti Easter so tak lah kelam kabut nak ke kelas dan hantar bebudak gi sekolah, but with less activities, the more I feel the emptiness.

Okies, enuff of that sad stuff. Back to this yummy citrus cheese cake with pineapple and orange filling inside it and I topped with passion fruit sauce. This is a cheesecake to die for beside the usual Snickers Cheesecake. Actually dapat idea nak buat cake ni from my ex-officemate Intan yang tengah study kat Australia. She's been asking me for cupcake recipe as she wants to enter into competition and at the same time dia sibuk duk cerita tentang kesedapan cheesecake ni. 

Sebab duk terpengaruh dengan cerita dia, so I try to invent it on my own and make this for makan2 kat rumah before my mom balik hari tu.

Truthfully, I al ways love citrus cake, be it an orange cake, lemon cake or anything with citrussy fruit because of the freshness in taste and aroma.

Well I guess, that's about it. Enjoy the cake peeps.

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