Cheese Cake Week

I purposely named this entry that way coz I've been baking cheesecake almost everyday. Anyway, thanks to Diyana and Zila. Diyana already ordered 7 pcs of Sickers Cheese for the past 2 weeks.

Engagement Cake

Another recycle design from my previous post. This cake ordered by my friend Suzy for her cousin's engagement tomorrow.

Snickers Cheese and Mango Cheese Cake for Zila but I only manage to snap only 1 pic.

Eggless Orange Cake for Shuba.

Moist Chocolate Cake for my daughter's nursery teacher.

Nabilah's Engagement Cupcakes

This cuppies was made for Nabilah for her engagement in Kedah this Saturday. She saw the design from another cupcake's blog and ask me to do the same design. For the owner of this design, it's a credit for you ya :). As for me, I try to suit my customer's need but made some slight variation to the design.

2009 Opening

Hye all,

I must say that 2009 will be my busy dizzy year looking at the opening of this year. I hardly can find time to update the blog. Fortunately the orders still coming in but I really have to limit it due to my hectic schedule. Btw, just a few pics that I've kept all this while. Some of the pics already gone (dunno where I keep it :))

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