Moist Chocolate Cake & Lapis Asam Manis

Okie, this is a repeated order from Hidayah. This time she ordered 1.5 kg Moist Choc Cake and Haw Flakes Layered Cake for her niece "Cukur Jambul n Aqiqah". Thanks Hidayah for the order and I guess this is the wrap up of my busy dizzy week before Ramadhan. I guess I'm not taking order in Ramadhan. If there is an order, it will be on weekend only (if any) but need to inform me so much earlier, no more last minute order :)

Since I'm not taking orders, I won't be updating the blog regularly but I will post my new creations (could be cakes or sugar craft, etc) for future order :)

Till then, selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubaraq. Semoga segala usaha dan amal jariah di bulan yang mulia ini akan mendapat keberkatan dan keredhaan dari Allah S.W.T, InsyaAllah.


Myza Pesona said... [Reply to Comments]

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan untuk Anna n family. Kalau nk update your blog, please update the products or the menu, plus the price as well. So that it's easy for everyone. For example, the price for brownies, mango cheese cake according to size or weight, oreo cheese cake, etc. Thanks .

hidayah.hz said... [Reply to Comments]

Hi Anna

thanks for the delivery..your kek asam manis tu memang sedapppp..tak sampai tengahari lagi dah licin hehehe..thanks again

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