Dalea's Birthday

This is Lissa (who dunno what is actually happen)

Dalea with the Birthday Gift. Oops, before forgot the tailor made Tee is made by Dida

The two cousins Iman and Najjah.

Today is Dalea's Birthday. She's 4 years old today. How fast time moving. In the blink of our eyes, our children has grown up faster than we could ever catch their path. I still feel like yesterday when I cuddle her in my arms, but today she's already running, laughing, talking, playing, acting and soon she'll become a teenager and before you know it, she's gonna get married and leave you behind. Maybe it's a little bit overacting but as I watched Kimmora Lee Simmons Show, I now understand how she feel about her daughter when she allow her daughter to blow dry her hair for the first time. She cried as though the daughter, Ming will leave her the next day eventhough she's just 8 years old. At first it looks a little bit silly but after a while, that's what we called the mother instinct. Well, that's already too much from me. Just upload few pics from the so called Birthday Party and the Barbie Doll Cake that I made for her.


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