Salam Ramadhan & Aidil Fitri

Dear All,

Di kesempatan yang singkat ini, saya menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf seandainya sepanjang blog ini dilancarkan, terdapat sebarang kesilapan dan keterlanjuran yang tidak disengajakan.

Kepada pelanggan yang setia, masih setia dan masih tidak putus-putus menghubungi saya untuk menempah kek, cupcakes dan lain-lain, saya ucapkan berbanyak terima kasih diatas sokongan yang tidak henti-henti. Walaubagaimanapun, keampunan di pohon kerana kebanyakan tempahan terpaksa di tolak kerana keadaan yang tidak mengizinkan buat masa ini.

InsyaAllah, jika ada umur panjang, saya akan kembali mengambil tempahan semula. Buat masa ini, saya akan berehat panjang bagi menguruskan kelahiran bayi ketiga dan urusan-urusan yang sewaktu dengannya. Jika diizinkan Allah, mungkin tahun hadapan Dalissa Sweet Treat akan beroperasi semula.

Salam Ramadhan dan Aidilfitri.


Hye, it has been a long time since my last update. Thanks again for the continuos support eventhough I've announced it before that I'm taking a short break from baking. Well, it doesn't seem to be a short break anymore but I'm taking quite a long break this time. However, I will still bake for those who have placed their order earlier only.

Thanks & take care.

Latest Update

Hye all,

It's been a long silent and yup got nothing much to update just a few pics from the last bulk order I made for Afifa (for UiTM Student's Dinner). Thanks to Afifa and friends.

Green Theme Cuppies

The cuppies ordered by Asnira for her sister's engagement in Melaka this Saturday. Many-many thanks to Asnira and her sister.


Dear all,

Please be informed that I am not taking orders starting this month onwards except for those who have placed their orders earlier as my condition at this moment doesn't permit me to do extraordinary jobs anymore.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and enquries that have been non-stop ever since. However, so sorry for turning down most of the orders. Will update you guys when I'm ready to resume business as usual.

Thanks and take care.


Apple green n white theme cuppies n cookies for Sha.

Anniversary cuppies for Zulie n hubby.

Patrick cookies for Noor's son.

Cuppies for Puan Zita's daughter.

Cake for Noor's son - Ilhan. Hope he'll get well soon.

Cake for Puan Zita's daughter.


Hye all,

It's been quite some time since my last update. Penyakit M sedang melanda plus my hectic schedule and the morning sickness (another baby is on the way...)

Celebration Everywhere

This week entry was ordered by Liana, Lydia Teo and my university mate Suzy for her daughter's birthday.

Snickers Cheese n Cuppies

Another Snickers Cheese and vanilla cuppies made for Zeti, Mona and Mona.

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