Dear all,

Please be informed that I am not taking orders starting this month onwards except for those who have placed their orders earlier as my condition at this moment doesn't permit me to do extraordinary jobs anymore.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and enquries that have been non-stop ever since. However, so sorry for turning down most of the orders. Will update you guys when I'm ready to resume business as usual.

Thanks and take care.


ayu aka mrs malfin said... [Reply to Comments]

omg,i ingt baru nk order utk my annvrsary for this coming april..frustnye..=( x blh dipertimbangkn ker utk i?pliss..

sheema said... [Reply to Comments]

halaaa...tgh keliuq tgk snickers cheesecake tu haa...ok2 i'll b waiting...hihii..;))

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