My Mom's Birthday

Salam semua,

Minggu ni memang makin sibuk sebab my umi dah nak balik Malaysia jumaat ni, so last minute nak bawak gi berjalan2, belum lagi nak memenuhi undangan sana sini sebelum my umi balik (ceh ngalahkan celebriti lak kan). Bukan apa, kat sini kan semua jauh dari orang tua masing2, so bila ada mak2 yang datang semua orang seronok lah tumpang sekaki :)

At the same time, ah kak memang agak busy sebab minggu sebelum cuti Easter ni ada satu Group Presentation and at the same day jugak nak buat makan2 kat rumah..aiyo...

Neway, I baked this Carribean Coconut Cake with Pineapple jam and cream filling for my mom as requested by her. Ha....kek ni sesuai untuk tekak orang2 tua je, bebudak memang tak suka lah kek yang ada bendasing macam kelapa ni melainkan strawberry tu je. Tak kisahlah, janji tercapai hasrat my mom nak makan kek ni.

And to celebrate the moment of truth, we bring her to Brighton Beach. Happy birthday umi, love you and thank you for everything.

Birthday cum Anniversary Cake

Salam semua,

Minggu ni agak kelam kabut sikit sebab banyak sikit acara masak memasak yang nak dijayakan hihi...ngalahkan chef professional but still manage to make this cake for a lovely young couple.

Okies, this cake is for Mira and Nash for the husband's birthday and their wedding anniversary. Very young and romantic couple I must say.  Mira tak kisah nak buat kek apa pun, so since this is an important celebration for them so I feel that I must make a special cake. After a few days searching, then I found this scrumptuous and rich cake. It's a chocolate cake with cream cheese and peanut butter filling/frosting and topped with ganache.

This is exactly a very very rich cake because of the peanut butter/cream cheese frosting.

Alhamdulillah, both of them like it so much and to my surprise, peanut butter is actually the husband's favourite. Okies, hit the target :)

Well, Mira don't want any writing on the cake because if she wants it, it will be very lengthy, I just put I Love U for the adorable couple. Simple yet meaningful hah...

Tried the rose petal design even though  at first I want to use the ganache frosting but can't wait for the ganache to set so just use the buttercream instead.

Enjoy your cake peeps.

Happy Mother's Day 18 March 2012

Salam semua,

Lama sungguh tak update blog ni. Well, I am no more in business like I always do before so the updates will not be as frequent as before. 

Again, at this very moment I must say that I am now residing in UK (nothing to shout about) but to those who might be just popping up my page and missed all my announcement - I am not taking any orders or conduct any classes at this point of time as I'm doing my postgraduate studies in UK. However, I will be delighted to take on all your orders once I'm back next year, InsyaAllah.

Okie, hope that is well written. Now, going back to today's entry. Well, Mother's Day comes early in UK but not in Malaysia or any other country. Since my mom is here with me and the kids were busy making cards and gifts for us, I might just treat all of us with an indulgence dessert. 

The truth is, I don't really have the time today as I'm busy looking at my assignment and pretty tired from yesterday's outing and I still have an extra cream cheese and some berries that need to be transform fast, so here it is - Strawberry Cheese Tart with lots of red berries to indulge with.

So, to all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day even though I believed that every day we should always appreciate and cherish our mother.

Enjoy the sweet dessert peeps!

Minggu Tak Sihat

Salam bersiaran,

Minggu ni memang agak kelam kabut sikit. Dengan cuaca kat London ni yang makin tak menentu, badan pun seram sejuk demam tak sihat2, assignment nak kena tengok, en hubby nak outstation pulak seminggu, adus...

Dalam pada duk kelam kabut tu jugak lah tokey restoran Delima ni nak mengorder kek. Nak tak nak kena jugaklah siapkan minggu ni sebab minggu depan en hubby takde. Nak mengharapkan diri sendiri menghantar kek tu mau sesat barat tah kemana2 pulak nanti.

As usual, restoran ni memang akan order Red Velvet Cake dengan Snickers Cheese Cake ni. Memandangkan pagi ni nak jugak berjalan ke Carboot, maka malam tadi terpaksa jugaklah menggagahkan diri menyiapkan 2 biji kek ni walau dalam keadaan badan yang masih tak berapa nak sihat ni.

Alhamdulillah, dalam semput2 tu, berjaya jugaklah menyiapkan order kek2 ni. Deco pun ala2 semput jugak sebab mata pun dah mengantuk.

Ok, that's all for now peeps....enjoy your cakes!

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