Birthday cum Anniversary Cake

Salam semua,

Minggu ni agak kelam kabut sikit sebab banyak sikit acara masak memasak yang nak dijayakan hihi...ngalahkan chef professional but still manage to make this cake for a lovely young couple.

Okies, this cake is for Mira and Nash for the husband's birthday and their wedding anniversary. Very young and romantic couple I must say.  Mira tak kisah nak buat kek apa pun, so since this is an important celebration for them so I feel that I must make a special cake. After a few days searching, then I found this scrumptuous and rich cake. It's a chocolate cake with cream cheese and peanut butter filling/frosting and topped with ganache.

This is exactly a very very rich cake because of the peanut butter/cream cheese frosting.

Alhamdulillah, both of them like it so much and to my surprise, peanut butter is actually the husband's favourite. Okies, hit the target :)

Well, Mira don't want any writing on the cake because if she wants it, it will be very lengthy, I just put I Love U for the adorable couple. Simple yet meaningful hah...

Tried the rose petal design even though  at first I want to use the ganache frosting but can't wait for the ganache to set so just use the buttercream instead.

Enjoy your cake peeps.


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