Almost Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hula everyone...

Well, I've received so many request from my customers asking me whether I'm selling any simple cookies such as chocolate chip or butter cookies just to munch over sunday movie or matinee. Well, finally got some time to bake this cookies and name it my Almost Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (Hi..hi.. just for fun).

For orders, please allow me at least 3 days to bake your cookies n the cookies will be packed in a transparent box priced at RM25 for 50 pcs. So why wait.. grab your cookies now.

Till then, take care!!!

Doll Cake n Cookies

The first batch of butterfly chocolate sugar cookies n barbie doll cake was ordered by Liza from Rawang for her daughter's second birthday. Meanwhile the other batch of boy n girl sugar cookies with the 'Muslimah Doll' Cake,I made for my niece. Her parent's went for Hajj this year. However, before they go, they have requested a Muslimah Doll for their daughter's coming birthday. I'm not sure whether the doll do looks like a Muslimah Doll coz I just can't really cover the hair. Just wrap it with fondant shawl :)

Birthday Cuppies

Hmm...nothing much to say...layan je lah gambar...

More Cupcakes

I've always love chocolate with orange flavour and this chocolate orange cuppies made for my boss ( A very moist chocolate cuppies blend with grated orange ...hmmm... yummy!

This vanilla cuppies ordered by Edast from Edast Homy Shop.

Say Hi To Hello Kitty

This is a 3D Hello Kitty Chocolate Sugar Cookies. A very difficult pieces actually for me. This one not for sale but for preview only. If anyone wish to order,hmm.. dunno where to fit this piece???

Engagement Fondant Cake

This fondant cake was made for my niece's friend whom the brother is getting engage this Saturday.

Snickers Cheese Cake Again

Okie, bake 2 more Snickers Cheese Cake ordered by 'the Queen' and hubby's office.

Tag from Ummi Eyna

Wow wee, received this tag from Ummi Eyna JB - another online cupcake n cakes shop in JB. Thanks Eyna for the tag which I never thought of receiving it from anybody at all. Now, I would like to pass it on to my fellow cyber friends as follows :-

1. Edast Homy Shop
2. Nur Cetusan Rasa
3. Myza My Pesona
4. Suhana Sweet Savoury


Dear all,

I would like to call for those who have emailed, sms or call me (while I was out) to reconfirmed your order. I will only bake either your cakes, cuppies or cookies once received confirmation from you guys.

Thanks and take care.

Reciprocal Business

Why I call it reciprocal business? Simply becoz both cuppies and cake was made for two online business woman which I'm buying some stuff from them as well. The moist chocolate cake is for Edast from EdastHomyShop, an online shop selling fantastic shawls, cute brooches and many more. Meanwhile, the cuppies ordered by Una from MyShawl, another online shop selling beautiful shawls. Una is still studying and it's good to know that youngsters today pandai cari duit poket sendiri and of coz thanks to the cyber world as well. For those who interested in buying shawls, can check out their shop in my Blog List.

Cuppies n Cake

The chocolate cuppies is for Intan and moist range cake for a birthday celebration of JPA's staff.

Order of the day

Moist chocolate cake ordered by my kid's nursery teacher for makan-makan and the engagement cuppies ordered by Mariam / Syarifah Halimah from Penang. Congrats Mariam on your engagement and thanks for the order.

Snickers Cheese Cake

I always love cheese cake but this one is definitely my favourite. The taste of cheese blend with chunks of snickers and topped with chocolate ganache, nuts and caramel it.

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