Ordered but not taken

I receive this order from Diyana a few days or a week before. She ordered 16 pcs small size vanilla cuppies with this specific design and want to meet up at Alamanda on the 8th of November. We have been communicated thu email only and as I am super duper busy in the office as well at home, I hardly could reply any emails but I already blocked my schedule for her order. To my surprise, she thought that I either don't want to take her order or could not make it to take her order and wish to cancel. However, I've replied to her saying that I've already blocked my schedule for her order but need her to reconfirm on the design which she already sent to me but I've mix it up with another customer and my whole load of jobs in the office (which I can't concentrate on my baking job at that moment). I've sent her few emails and until today, I'm still sending her email saying that I will meet her at Alamanda this pm coz I was called to the office today.

To Diyana, if you wish to collect your cuppies, please call me. If not, anyone interested, I'm selling it off for a cheaper price.



MY said... [Reply to Comments]

did she take the cupcakes sis in the end?..just want to know the ending.

ZuLiE_szi said... [Reply to Comments]

tq for da pic.... ur cuppies delicious n cute.. i like it very much....

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