Engagement Cuppies n Cake

Engagement Cake for my niece Farra Nadia.

Engagement Cuppies for Zura

Cuppies for Shikin

Okie, the wrap up for this week inclusive of cuppies with pink love theme for Shikin (UPM student). I guess this cuppies is for her boyfriend. Anyway, thanks to Shikin for the order (she's such a lovely girl).

Another order is for Zura. She ordered 9 pcs large choc cuppies for her future SIL.

Last but not least, fondant engagement cake for my niece engagement today which actually the main event for me this week.


cikyn said... [Reply to Comments]

kak anna, ni syikin :)
thanks sangaatt for the cuppies.
yup yup, utk boyfriend tu.
hehe after akak anta tu terus pegi jumpe die nak suprise kan, saje je no occasion pon.
he was really really suprise jugak la sebab mase anta tu he was studying, die ade paper final esoknye.
among his first words mase tgk cuppies tu was "eyh canteknye.. ni utk makan ke?" hehe
and sempat jugak die buat lawak ckp "kalau tak larat makan ni boleh jual tak? cantik and sedap ni sure laku" hehe but he didnt sell it la of coz! :)
thanks eh kak sebab susah2 datang aritu carik kolej.
nice doing biz wif you,
insyaallah nanti kalau ade pape nanti syikin tempah lagi ek? :)


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