Dramatic Cuppies

Cuppies for Lena's parents - Right after the incident.

Cuppies for Suzi - Before the incident.

Why I called it dramatic becoz there's so many scary and dramatic event happens to me during the past days. On wednesday, right after finished decorating cuppies for Suzi, my lil Khalissa fell down the stairs and nearly broke her jaw. There were blood all over her shirt and the stairs. We rushed her to An Nur and need to be referred to dental surgeon which is at Sunway Medical Centre. We decided to go to Serdang first but turn down by the slow movement and headed to Putrajaya. She got her treatment there but still need to go to the dentist the next day. The next day, we went to the dentist nearby our house and Alhamdulillah, everything is fine, only the teeth a bit displace but it will be okay. Then, another incident happen when the sister were getting a constant fever and we brought her to the clinic which refer us to the hospital for a blood test. We then go to KPJ and the blood test result positive for denggue and need to be warded but the hospital is full that day and we need to go to another hospital and we end up at KPMC. After a day at KPMC another blood sample to be tested and the result... no more denggue but another problem...lung infection..urghhh. We ( I really mean all of us) stayed at the hospital for 3 days and now she still on medication.

Btw, as for the cuppies right after the incident is when I have to curi2 balik rumah and bake the cuppies for Lena coz she's been booking the cuppies say few weeks before. Since I'm too exhausted for the past few days, I gone flat from Sunday to Monday. Oh..what a week!


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I LOVE the cupcakes! I would never have enough patience to decorate them so elaborately. But I'm so glad you did - they look great!
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