How To Order Guide

Follow this step-by-step instructions:-

1. Place your order at least 5 days in advance.
2. Choose the flavour from the MENU .
3. Send me thru email at or or else leave me a message / call me at 013-290 3555 (Anna).
4. Leave me the following information:-

i.  Name
ii. Contact Number / email address
iii. Your address
iv. Design / Theme / Colours Combination
iv. Date & Time to Pick up / pick-up point
v. Your DETAIL order include size, quantities and any special instruction


FULL PAYMENT must be made within 4 days from the date you placed your orders. (I will provide my Maybank Account Number thru email / sms)


1. Putrajaya (self pick up - weekdays)
2. Kajang (self pick up - weekends)

Alternatively, just simply fill up the Order Form.

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