Lissa 1 year

Gambar sebelum tido malam tadi. Macam tau-tau je esok Birthday dia, terus tido lambat. Dah kul 11.00 mata segar lagi, but the hair...:)

My first ever cartoon character cake using piping gel. What a disaster. My free hand drawing really looks like a free hand [sigh :)]. Anyway, make this cake for my Lissa who turns 1 year today and to be sent to the nursery and shared with other kids there. Happy Birthday baby, your party will be this Saturday.

Anyway, this is a buttery orange cake. Recipe got from either En. Mat Gebu's blog or somewhere else coz I guess the recipe has been going round n round in the internet.


Mariam Nadzri said... [Reply to Comments]

wahhh..happy besday..sama pulak dengan birthday anak mariam yg sulong..
tq kerana visit mariam punya blog..anyway cantik cantik tu..

Anna said... [Reply to Comments]

Terima kasih gak sebab sudi singgah. Salam perkenalan ye.

Sama b'day ke? Ini my second daughter. My 1st tu dah umur 3 yrs plus.

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