Moist Chocolate Cake for Rose

Salam hujung minggu semua,

Hari ni ahkak plan nak gi jalan2 ke central sana, nak ke Portobello market yang fofular tu. So, tak leh nak citer panjang2 sebab nak menyiapkan rakyat jelata rumah ni pagi2 bukan senang :)

Neway, semalam ada satu lagi majlis bacaan Yaasin kat Basildon. At the same time, buat pulak sambutan hari jadi anak dara En. Raihan yang keenam, Rose namanya. Cute kan namadia.

Ha ni lah rupa si Rose

For the cute lil Rose, Happy Birthday and thanks to the parents for ordering the's a hit hihi...


Kamila M. said... [Reply to Comments]

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Hope to read from you soon,

best wishes and greets from London
ps. woow the cake looks sweet

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