Happy Mother's Day

Selamat Menyambut Hari Ibu semua,
When thinking of baking something special for mothers (as for me my mom and my in law - both are wonderful woman), I want to make it really special and different. Finally I decided to bake this Opera Cake. It's a layer cake with mocha and chocolate ganache spread in between layers alternately. The process is tedious to me and delicate just exactly like a mother's heart. Some people say a mother's heart is the child's playground. Well, maybe the saying is true. A mother's heart is so delicate, it hold a lot of feelings inside it.

Since I've never bake an Opera cake before, I just want to give it a try. Maybe for others it was simple, but for me it is so delicate to handle. See..I've been repeating the same word means it's really a delicate process to me but it's worth every single time and ingredients.

The result is outstanding. The joconde cake is awesome, it taste almost like a tiramisu but richer as it has the mixture of mocha and chocolate ganache. Above all it is a recommended cake for today's special ocassion.


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